AstroSeal Shrink Wrap Machine
The perfect shrink wrap machine for those that want to start shrink wrapping their products. Simply insert your package into the shrink film and depress the shrink wrap heat sealing arm. Instantly the shrink wrap film is cut and sealed. Simple to use and efficient, this shrink wrap machine packs a punch. Heat Gun Included!

The perfect shrink machine for those who are just getting started!
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Astro Seal II Shrink Wrap Machine
Astroseal II
The Astroseal II shrink wrapping system increase production by using a shrink tunnel, which allows shrink wrapping to be faster and more efficient over the hand held heat guns. The Astroseal II shrink wrap machine comes in a 13", 18" and 24" system.

Shrink wrap faster and easier with the Astroseal II.
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Seal 'N Shrink Srink Machine
Seal N' Shrink
The most popular shrink wrap machine in the Stevenson Industries product line gives users the ability to shrink wrap 300+ packages per hour. Smoke-Free impulse sealing with self-compensation assures strong and tough seals with all shrink film types.

The most popular shrink machine in our product line!
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Shrink Master Shrink Machine
Shrink Master
Since 1967, we've been producing the Shrink Master shrink wrap packaging system. The Shrink Master produces hundreds of shrink wrapped packages each and every day. Designed to be simple to use and exceptionally durable. Do not pay thousands more for a shrink wrap machine that does not perform as well or last as long.

Shrink wrap hundreds of packages per hour... effortlessly!
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CD-PRO Shrink Machine
The convenient and compact CD-PRO is Stevenson Industries smallest shrink wrap machine. Designed for home use or for light business needs the CD-PRO system contains the heat sealer and includes the shrink wrap gun. In just seconds your CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs and packages will have a professional look!

Sealer & heat gun included in a small, easy package.
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Shrink Wrap Film
Shrink Wrap Film
Stevenson Industries sells only the highest quality shrink wrap film, providing for a perfect and crystal-clear finish. Offering strong seals and optimum package appearance, our shrink film can be beat!

Our shrink film is of the highest quality in the industry.
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Learn the in's and out's of shrink wrapping products and films. If you have a question that hasn't been addressed you can always contact a Shrink Expert at 1-800-538-8803 Ext. 202!
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